Frequently Asked Questions


What are the curtains and liners made of?
Our Hookless® curtains and It's A Snap™ liners are available in two materials:
    100% Polyester fabric
What is PEVA?
Poly Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. Please note PEVA is not vinyl. We do not offer vinyl curtains or liners in our retail collections.
Is PEVA BPA-free?
What is the size of a standard shower curtain?
The industry standard, and our Hookless®, curtain measurement is 71”L x 74” W.
How do you wash a Hookless® shower curtain and It’s A Snap™ liner?
Fabric curtains and It's A Snap™ liners should be machine washed, in warm water, with like colors.
PEVA curtains and liners are not machine-washable, wipe them clean with damp cloth.
How often do I need to wash my curtain and liner?
Fabric - We recommend washing twice monthly.
PEVA - Wipe clean twice monthly with a mild, non-abrasive soap solution.
Can they be put in a dryer?
Fabric - Yes, you can put in the dryer.
PEVA - No, DO NOT put in the dryer.
My curtain has mold/mildew/pink stains. Why?
Discoloration, mold, or mildew can be caused by the type of water in your area (hard), using various types of bath oils and lotions, or some colored soaps, but mostly from improper care and cleaning.
Always shake excess water from the curtain/liner after showering and leave them open to dry.
Also, be sure to always follow our recommended cleaning instructions.
How do I remove any mold/mildew/stains?
Sorry, once these are visible you are not able to completely remove them.
What is the difference between water-resistant and water-proof?
Water-resistant (or water-repellent) curtains are treated with a finish that helps to repel water from the surface.
Please note - Our curtains are not water proof.


What size is the opening in a standard shower/tub?
Most standard tubs have a 5’ opening.
Do you have longer rods for wider openings or can I buy extensions?
Sorry, for stability reasons we do not offer extensions.
How high do I hang the rod? How far off the floor should the curtain be?
Curtains should hang 6” from the floor or should cover 50% of the tub to avoid any water drainage outside of the tub.
Can the rod be placed inside a shower surround?
What are the rods made of?
Chrome finish is made of plated steel.
Brushed Nickel finish is made of coated stainless steel.